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Our partners

We partner with AML supervisors and professional bodies

Benefit from the knowledge of our international network of regulated professionals and AML authorities. Our partners help to inform and evolve AMLCC, so that it’s always exactly what regulated businesses need to stay compliant.

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The AMLCC online platform provides you with a comprehensive, editable policy document that’s automatically kept up to date with the latest anti-money laundering rules & regulations.

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The Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA), an internationally recognised professional accountancy membership body and an AML supervisor for the UK accountancy sector, has been a key partner of AMLCC for over ten years. They have been proactively involved in the development of the AMLCC platform at every stage. We’re delighted that the IFA continues to endorse AMLCC and we look forward to discussing the expansion of AMLCC with IFA partners around the world. Learn more about the IFA.

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AMLCC is incredibly proud to be the first AML solution to receive Technology Accreditation from the ICAEW. To achieve this accolade, the AMLCC platform was rigorously tested and analysed. It was found to be a “solid and capable solution, which continues to be actively developed and enhanced.” It was also deemed “easy to learn and use”.

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As a leading professional body for accountants and finance professionals, as well as an AML supervisor, the Association of International Accountants (AIA)’s support for AMLCC has been fundamental to our success so far. We’ve worked with the AIA for over a decade and they have been valuable partners in the development of the AMLCC platform. Learn more about the AIA.

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The AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) is a leading professional body for accounting technicians, with nearly 124,000 members and students worldwide. They’ve been a partner of AMLCC for more than 10 years, and we look forward to continuing to support AAT members in this crucial area, enabling 1000s to stay compliant.

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During our formative years, AMLCC was able to provide its AML platform to CPAA members as part of their CPAA annual subscription. While this business model has changed to respond to the increasing complexity of AML, AMLCC is proud to continue to support the CPAA and its members in such an important area. Regularly attending the CPAA branch meetings to provide AML training and to discuss members’ experiences of AML is always hugely valuable. Learn more about the CPAA.

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AMLCC was able to provide its AML platform to ICPA members as part of their ICPA annual subscription for many years. As AMLCC has developed to incorporate the increasing complexity of AML, the business model has changed accordingly. AMLCC is proud to continue to support the ICPA and its members in such an important area. Our regular attendance at ICPA conferences to both speak and exhibit provides lot of opportunity to discuss AML with members face to face. Learn more about ICPA.

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AMLCC and Gentium UK are working in partnership to make a positive impact on AML compliance, risk management and education around the world. Gentium UK is a global provider of AML and virtual asset and related training, and supports Governments, Government bodies, law enforcement, border officials and businesses. Learn more about Gentium.

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ACCA is a UK professional body supervisor for the accountancy sector. AMLCC is delighted to have the opportunity to provide the AMLCC platform to ACCA members through the ACCA Marketplace. Learn more about ACCA.

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TaxAssist franchisees span many of the accountancy AML supervisors in the UK. AMLCC is privileged to have supported the TaxAssist franchise and its franchisees since AML was first introduced to the UK accountancy sector in 2008. Learn more about TaxAssist.

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